Celebrity Chef Nigella Lawson and Charles Saatchi Seeking "Swift and Amicable" Divorce

July 18, 2013
By Thomas M. Huguenor on July 18, 2013 8:41 AM |

1108079_monthly_fee_5.jpgMost couples from San Diego enter into marriage with the expectation that they will be married for the rest of their lives. Over the ensuing years, married couples often have families, acquire property, incur debts, and share interests and experiences. Essentially, they share a life together - as intended. So when a couple makes the difficult decision to divorce, there are many issues and "loose ends" to tie up and settle. In an ideal world, the process would run smoothly, efficiently and with little or no strife. If you find yourself contemplating divorce, it is important to contact an experienced family law attorney who is fully knowledgeable in the local laws and court procedures and can help you navigate the process with as much ease as possible.

It seems that Nigella Lawson and her soon-to-be ex-husband are working toward the goal of a quick and easy divorce. According to a news article, the couple - each of whom is reported to be worth millions - intend to have an "undefended" divorce, and neither is expected to make a financial claim against the other. Media outlets have speculated that some widely publicized photographs of Saatchi with his hands around Lawson's throat during an argument may have led to the filing for divorce.

Saatchi said he was disappointed that his wife failed to make a public statement to explain that he opposes violence and never physically abused Lawson in any way. Another news source said Saatchi described the incident as a "playful tiff." But police reportedly issued Saatchi a "caution" after he allegedly admitted to the assault. After the extensive media coverage of the compromising photographs, it is no wonder the couple would like to expedite the divorce process as quickly and amicably as possible.

In California, when spouses seek to divorce, there are many issues to resolve, and working with an experienced family law attorney is one way to move matters along efficiently. Parties have to consider and address many matters, such as the division of marital property (identification and valuation), child custody and visitation (if the couple has children), and spousal and child support. In some instances, the law dictates how to handle and calculate these items. For instance, California law provides a set schedule for determining child support based on income. Parties have to keep in mind, though, that income can include finances received from a variety of sources, not simply a weekly paycheck. As for spousal support, there is no set schedule in San Diego County. Rather, judges rely mainly on court opinions, court orders and case law dating back decades.

Some additional issues to consider (to name a few): how long will you receive spousal or child support payments; who will be responsible for a child's medical insurance and expenses; who will pay for college; what if a custodial parent moves out of state; what is in "the best interest of a child" and who makes that decision? In order to obtain the best settlement for a client, the family law attorney will need to be experienced, prepared and fully apprised of the relevant procedures and local laws.

For more than 35 years, San Diego certified family attorney Thomas Huguenor has represented people navigating the California marriage and divorce process. For a free and confidential consultation, contact him today online or at (858) 458-9500.

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