San Diego Divorce News--Domestic Violence Trial and Conviction

September 17, 2010
By Thomas M. Huguenor on September 17, 2010 8:21 AM |

Justia-photo-62 butcher knife.jpgThis blog has posted two articles about the Trial of Shelley Malil, Los Angeles actor who dated and was arrested for stabbing Kendra Beebe in 2008 when he came to her home uninvited and found her conversing with another man. On September 16, 2010, the jury reached a Guilty verdict for premeditated attempted murder as reported by Dana Littlefield of the San Diego Union Tribune. La Jolla divorce attorneys are not shocked as domestic violence can occur in relationships all over town and all sections of society.

The first blog (found here) discussed how Malil's defense attorney tried to use a "lie" from the victim, Beebe, which occurred in her divorce, child custody, case, against her in the criminal case. The blog discussed the significance of truthful testimony in San Diego divorce cases and how a lie, when discovered, can be used against a person in the divorce case and in other proceedings. This blog was significant as it displayed how Kendra Beebe could have been stabbed with a butcher knife over 20 times and the perpetrator of this domestic violence gave the jury a reason to return with a "not guilty" verdict simply based on the fact that the victim had previously lied in another court about an unrelated matter. San Diego Certified Family Law Specialist attorneys are familiar with the significance of lies in family law cases.

The second blog (found here) reported defendant Malil's testimony and commented on how difficult it was to believe his testimony. Should he not have taken the stand to testify? Did he think his acting experience would assist his presentation in front of the jury? When he took the stand he told a seemingly convoluted story which directly confronted and appeared to contradict the foundational facts of the criminal trial. The victim, Beebe, called the testimony "bizarre fiction" after the jury verdict. Apparently, the jury, after hearing Malil call Beebe a liar, did not believe Malil's testimony.

I had the pleasure of communicating with two attorneys who were involved with Kendra Beebe’s divorce case: Since both attorneys were involved with one side of the case, I won’t comment on the divorce case until there is a news article as to this matter. Reportedly, after the trial, Kendra Beebe made a statement as to domestic violence which is more than just a legal phrase to her at this point. She also thanked a number of people close to her including her current family law attorney. San Diego divorce attorneys play an extremely important role in the lives of people. Many attorneys state that they went into family law because of their love of working with and helping people.

So, this trial is over. It seemed difficult to understand, from the outset, how Beebe could be stabbed in her own home, over 20 times, and that the perpetrator would be absolved of criminal wrongdoing. Kendra Beebe reportedly said that there is more to this case and that Malil was not the only person involved in the attack. This blog will further report in the event that the allegation of another’s involvement in this attack surfaces in a news story.

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